Baby Milk

If your baby is travelling with you, you may bring expressed breast milk onboard the aircraft. If not, you need to store the milk in containers not exceeding 100ml.


You may loan strollers, on a first-come first-served basis, from our Information and Customer Service counters located across all terminals and Jewel.

Family Facilities

From playgrounds to baby care rooms, we have all you need to entertain and take care of your kids. Find out what we offer at each terminal. 

Unaccompanied Minor Service

If your child is below the age of 12 and travelling alone, you can contact your airline for unaccompanied minor service. Refer to our Airlines page for contact details.

Airlines Assistance

Should you have special requests for your flights or require any medical assistance onboard, our airline partners can assist you with them.

Medical Assistance

If you feel unwell or require medical assistance while you are at Changi Airport, please visit the airport clinics or pharmacies, where you can obtain your prescriptions

Requesting for Special Assistance

You may require additional assistance at the airport if you have any disability, mobility difficulties, or are travelling with an assistance dog or personal mobility aids.

To request for special assistance please advise your travel agent and /or airline at the point of booking or get in touch with the airline at least 48 hours before flight departure. You are encouraged to get in touch with your airline as early as possible.

*Each airline at Changi Airport may have differing rules and regulations on booking of special assistance. Additional charges may apply depending on the airline. Passengers are advised to contact their own airline for further information before they travel.

When you should arrive

We strongly recommend that you arrive a minimum of two hours prior to scheduled departure time. Some of the airlines close their check-in promptly at 60mins prior to scheduled departure time.


If you require a wheelchair, you may make a request from your airline at the time of booking or at least 48 hours prior to flight departure.

Alternatively our Information and Customer Service counters offer wheelchairs to passengers on a complimentary and first-come first-served basis.

Accessible Drop-Off Points 

You can find ramp accessible entrances at:


 Door 1—5


 Door 3 and Door 6


 Door 1—8


 Door 1—6

Accessible parking space:

Eligible drivers with Class 1 and Class 2 labels (only for drivers with persons with disabilities on board the car) may choose to pre-book* accessible parking space in the car parks at Terminal 2, 3 and 4. Please make a reservation by getting in touch with our car park service staff at or 9336 2249 1 to 7 days in advance. We will contact you 1 hour prior to the indicated time of arrival to inform you on the designated carpark space.

*On trial: Terms and conditions apply

Security Screening

  • Priority is offered to Persons with Reduced Mobility and 1 accompanying companion. Please approach the officer for assistance at the point of screening. 
  • You may enter the metal detector with your mobility aid (i.e. wheelchair, walking cane etc. ). If the metal detector is triggered, a routine body search may be necessary. The officers will perform a screening on your mobility aid after you have passed through the metal detector. Private search rooms are available on request.
  • If you are carrying liquid medication which is over 100ml, please notify the Security Officer with doctor’s certification and/or other supporting document. 
  • Passengers with medical devices on them should also alert our officers so that our security screening processes may be tweaked to better help you. Such devices may include pacemakers and insulin pumps.

Public Transport Accessibility


  • All MRT train stations are equipped with barrier-free facilities like ramps, lifts and wheelchair-accessible toilets for use by elderly and persons with disabilities.
  • Keep a lookout for wheelchair indicator stickers on the gantry door or the floor to locate wheelchair accessible carriages. 
  • Visually impaired commuters can use the Braille plates in station lifts and follow the tactile ground surface indicators that will guide them from the entrance to the platform. The indicators also serve as warnings near the platform edge. Aboard the train, station names and audio instructions for transfers are announced at every station stop.
  • The hearing-impaired can find indications of arrival times and destinations of approaching trains on the Rail Travel Information System (RATIS) located on platforms. While travelling on the North-South and East-West lines, the SMRT Active Route Map Information System (STARiS) on display will specify the station of arrival. Train doors are also installed with lights that flash red to warn passengers before closing.


More than half of Singapore’s public buses are wheelchair-friendly, and the large majority of bus stops island-wide are designed for barrier-free access. To identify wheelchair-accessible buses, keep a lookout for a blue passenger-in-wheelchair decal at the front of the bus. Our helpful bus captains are also well-trained to provide assistance for boarding and alighting.

Pregnant women and the elderly can rest on designated priority seats on board.

For the visually impaired, tactile guidance systems are also available at bus interchanges to facilitate travel.


Opt for a large taxi that is spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Otherwise, any foldable wheelchair can be stored in the taxi’s boot. Meter prices might differ slightly between the various taxi options but there is no extra surcharge for wheelchairs. You may check with the staff at the taxi stand if large taxis are available or you may choose to approach our Ground Transport Concierge at the arrival hall  to book a large taxi.  

Service Animals

Service animals such as guide dogs are also allowed on buses and the MRT, as long as handlers have photo identification on hand.

Assistance Dog

  • Passengers are advised to check with their airline on the specific requirements on the bringing of the guide dog or service animal for the flight.  For transit passengers, they need to check beforehand that the airline for their outbound connecting flight is agreeable to the animal being onboard the aircraft.
  • At the airport, the airline staff will escort the passenger and the assistance dog throughout the period of stay at the airport. In the event the guide dog or service animal needs to answer the call of nature, the airline staff will escort the passenger and the assistance dog to an appropriate facility.